Kenyon Review, Vol. 39 Issue 3

“Escape from Milam Landfill”


DIAGRAM, Issue 17.2

“The Gods, Mortals, the Earth, Shoes, the Temple, the Sky, the Bridge, the Jug, the Fourfold, the Poem, Pain, the Threshold, the Difference, & Stillness”

Boston Review, March 2017


Feelings, Issue 5

“Death Metal Pastoral [Furrows once rowed with tall stalks of tobacco, my bone marrow, the scarecrow-]”

“Death Metal Pastoral [Dear Body of My Other]”

“Death Metal Pastoral [High gold, holy noon]”

“Sarah Connor Chronicles Apocalypse”

Jet Fuel Review, Fall 2016

“At the beginning of the concert, the singer explains that she is on her way to Boulder to watch her mother die”

“Playing the Icon”

“What A Weird Tenor This World Is, How It Lends the Appearance of Appearing Like Something Else”

Birdfeast, Issue 12

“As Mister Rogers Prays to His Aquarium”

Sweet, Issue 7.1

“Shadow Manual

Salt Hill, Issue 32 

“Construction: Georgetown, KY”

“Aubade: Archaeopteryx”

DIALOGIST, Issue 2.1

“In the Theater”

Architrave Press, Edition 4

“On Keeping”


Burnside Review 

“Death Metal Pastoral [First words spoken in the woods]”

“Death Metal Pastoral [Black is the color of arrowheads]”


Finalist, Black River Chapbook Contest, 2016
Judged by the editors of Black Lawrence Press

Finalist, DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Contest, 2016.
Judged by Ander Monson

Runner Up, Boston Review Poetry Contest, 2015.
Judged by Cathy Park Hong

Semifinalist, 92Y “Discovery”/Boston Review Poetry Contest, 2015. 
Judged by Timothy Donnelly and Camille Rankine

Nominated, Best New Poets 2013 and 2012. 
Nominated by University of Missouri – St. Louis MFA program in creative writing

Winner, University of Missouri – St. Louis Graduate Prize in Poetry, 2013 and 2012. 
Judged by Lisa Zimmerman, 2013
Judged by Adrienne Siu, 2012


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